Copy files to root directory of microSD card (filesystem FAT32), insert into display (contacts on top) and run update process.
Do not downgrade firmware that was installed from factory! You may get a brick
To check current version open "Device information" menu.
Every device have own firmware! Display updated in display menu, controller updates through controller menu.

Display Controller Release notes
v0.60B file.png
v0.7.18 file.png
31 August 2020
Use configuration export before update, reset defaults after update and import configuration.
v0.59B file.png 18 March 2020
HOTFIX for display speed sensor
v0.58B file.png
v0.7.12 file.png
11 March 2020
v0.7.9 file.png
Hotfix, fixed NaN error for analog inputs.
21 Nov 2019
v0.57B file.png
v0.7.8 file.png
20 Nov 2019
Export configuration (or make screenshots), after controller update do "Erase data storage" and reboot. Configuration will not be imported fully, some values will need to enter manually.


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